Create a Holistic Strategy to AI
The AI Training

Create a Holistic Strategy to AI

Successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) design, development, and deployment depends on more than the technology. Gain the knowledge how to create an AI holistic strategy to drive long-lasting business impact with these learning paths from The AI Training.

Industry Learning Paths

Today AI is used by financial services companies to serve customers better and detect fraud, by healthcare providers to more accurately diagnose illness and identify more effective treatments and by legal services for  attempting to predict litigation outcomes, from enhanced legal research and deep analytics insights all the way down to basic customer service.

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in society, it will not only change the businesses that adopt it but also have significant economic, social and civic effects on citizens and consumers. The best AI learning paths require a new mindset - design to solve an immediate need followed by greater depth. These are three industry learning paths to choose to help you clear paths to success.

The AI Training: Financial Industry Path
The AI Training
Financial Industry Path
The AI Training: Healthcare Industry Path
The AI Training
Healthcare Industry Path
The AI Training: Legal Industry Path
The AI Training
Legal Industry Path

Certificates Programs

Technology is evolving rapidly, and professionals need to keep their skills up-to-date to help their organizations stay competitive. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the  largest association of technical professionals around the world, has certified these  programs. Certificates guarantee that your training is most relevant content that your organizations need to stay ahead in their fields.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders who are inspired to innovate and make a difference
  • Diplomats
  • Government agencies
  • Law firms
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Financial professionals
  • CFO, CTO, COO's
  • Entrepreneurs

Expert Instruction

Instructor-led program delivered by Abel Pena-Fernandez an AI advisor, IEEE Senior Member.

Length of Program

Twenty (20) hours total per Industry path - 2 - 3 hours per week


$2448.00 per Industry Path per person - Five (5) Learning Path Modules

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