AI Ethical Principles

Code Explorers Worldwide AI Ethical Framework represent our business values. These are the most important elements of our business strategy to empower organizations with AI.   We have selected the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer (IEEE) Ethically Aligned Design Principles as a key reference for the services we design, develop, and implement.

Trust is the foundation of our company’s fundamental values. We want to develop trustworthy AI products, and services that meet our customer needs.

The Principles of AI ethically aligned design for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) are:

1. Human Rights- A/IS shall be created and operated to respect, promote, and protect internationally recognized human rights.

2. Well-Being- A/IS creators shall adopt increased human well-being as a primary success criterion for development.

3. Data Agency -A/IS creators shall empower individuals with the ability to access and securely share their data, to maintain people’s capacity to have control over their identity.

4. Effectiveness -A/IS creators and operators shall provide evidence of the effectiveness and fitness for purpose of A/IS.

5. Transparency -The basis of a particular A/IS decision should always be discoverable.

6. Accountability- A/IS shall be created and operated to provide an unambiguous rationale for all decisions made.

7. Awareness of Misuse -A/IS creators shall guard against all potential misuses and risks of A/IS in operation.

8. Competence–A/IS creators shall specify, and operators shall adhere to the knowledge and skill required for safe and effective operation.